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Enjoy your healthy and sparkling clean pool. Our dependable Boca Raton pool company has the knowledge needed to maintain the correct chemical concentrations that keep your pool bacteria-free and crystal clear. Allow the Boca Pool experts monitor levels and deliver effective chemical treatments to ensure your swimming pool is safe and swim ready. When you choose our Boca Raton pool company – you can rest assured knowing that our disinfection techniques have been proven to destroy all microorganisms. It may come as a surprise how inexpensive our Boca Raton pool chemical service actually is.

Crystal Clear Pool Experts Provides the Following Chemical Services:

 Chlorine testing and administration
 Intensive chlorine (shock) treatments
 pH testing and regulation
 Industrial strength chemicals
 Bleach, acid and other standard chemical treatments
 Balancing and initial set-up

Contact the friendly staff at Crystal Clear Pool Experts today to schedule your free consultation and discover what our pool equipment service can offer you.